Sienna Specs

Sienna lets you

Mix on your headphones with accuracy and peace of mind.

Reference your tracks on a variety of professional and consumer systems.

Tailor sound to your taste.

Achieve perfect results fast without even turning on your monitors.

Never second-guess your creative decisions again.

Forget about expensive, bulky room treatment.

Main Features

Includes 4 plugins for an increasing level of control and sound customization.

Compatible with over 180 headphone models.

Powered by Acustica’s exclusive combination of sampling technology and proprietary algorithms.

Up to 9 studio rooms and over 30 different professional and consumer-grade speaker emulations*.

Emulates speaker harmonics and distortion.

Includes AI-based presets from professional engineers to get you started in no time.

Compatible with all DAWs like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and others.

30-day free trial available via Aquarius Desktop for Windows and macOS.


*Additional expansion packs are available for purchase on the Acustica Audio store.

Please note that they require Sienna Vol.A tone installed on your computer.